Association Management

Standard Services

We cover all aspects of Association management. Our managers have taken and passed the Georgia State Exam for Condominium Association Manager. They know their stuff. We also have full time accounting staff to handle all association finances. The following is a list of services included in the management agreement provided by Compass Association Management for association management:

  • Establish and maintain an independent checking and savings account for the association
  • Receive, verify and pay invoices
  • Submit monthly (or quarterly) financial reports to the Board of Directors
  • Create quarterly invoices or monthly coupon books for prompt payment of dues
  • Collect association fees, fines, and special assessments
  • Prepare annual operating budget
  • File State and Federal tax returns (optional)
  • Twenty-four hour answering service. Management personnel on call at all times
  • Maintain insurance policies
  • Schedule, attend, and assist with all association meetings and compose meeting minutes
  • Obtain competitive bids for maintenance work
  • Negotiate savings and demand superior service on maintenance contracts through volume of business
  • Supervise contractors’ work
  • Provide monthly site inspections
  • Provide access to association documents through or your Association’s site
  • Provide access to an owner’s individual account information through our website or through the Association’s site

If you would like to know more please contact us for a personalized proposal for management of your association. Compass Association Management is the leading manager of condominium and homeowners associations in Athens. We look forward to the opportunity to further discuss management of your association. If you would like a proposal for management, please fill out the Association Management Proposal Form. If you have questions that were not addressed in the information provided, please contact Ken Parker at (706) 546-0600 or

Association Consulting Services

If your association does not require complete management, you may wish to hire Compass Association Management on a consulting basis to handle unique situations, develop association budgets, accounting, project management, or anything else related to association business. Arrangements include retainer agreements with unlimited phone consultation or hourly rates to pay as you go. Please contact us to learn more about your options.

Project Management

Large Association projects normally fall outside the range of normal Association management. In these cases we charge an extra management fee to oversee the project. Don’t worry, we’ll let you know if it’s outside the scope of normal management and the management fee will be determined up front.